Boo Jock Chong

President – MCBC (BC)

Boo Jock Chong, a postgraduate in Oceanography, turned entrepreneur, had invested, managed and owned businesses in Malaysia in rice milling, an oil palm plantation, civil construction, aquaculture, solar energy, trading prior to his emigration to Canada in 1989. In Canada he formed a home healthcare company which was cited as the fastest growing 100 companies in 1994-96, did an IPO and expanded its revenues to $20M in 1997. He was CEO of an earthquake bearing Company, board member of a fuel cell company, and assisted companies in their IPO and financing.

He previously served as President of MCBC in 2004-2006, is a founding member of Malaysia Association of BC and Malaysia Singapore Brunei Cultural Association. Boo jock is also a member of Richmond Sister City Committee for more than two years twinning with three Asian cities to date.